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Colin Webb

Akka Camel and ActiveMQ

I've been using Akka Camel and ActiveMQ recently, as part of a delayed worker-queue system. Given the lack of good googleable information about combining the two, I thought it would be useful if I explained briefly how to get Akka Camel and ActiveMQ to work together in the form of a quick example.

Testing in Scala with DSLs

Using a DSL to write a test can prove to be useful, especially when there are lots of prerequisites, or the problem is complex. Having a test that is incredibly readable reduces complexity overhead and aids reader comprehension. Any tests that require the reader to retain a mental map could benefit from a DSL.

Better Assertions with ScalaTest

Scala has three different frameworks for writing unit tests, JUnit, Specs2 and ScalaTest. I have mainly been using ScalaTest since I started to learn Scala about four months ago. One of the areas I have been concentrating on is how to write good assertions. Specifically, ones that yield easily diagnosable error messages when they fail.

How to JUnit Test a Private Method

I was recently writing a cache for MP3s at work, and I needed to test some private methods. Testing a private method in Java is doable using reflection.