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Colin Webb

Tag: #python

Fake Data With Python

Real data is best, but sometimes it's not available - or it's not allowed.

Fake data is useful for testing, and for prototyping. It's also useful for generating data for demos, and for training models. Generating fake data is easy and quick.

Python Generators Cheatsheet

A quick cheatsheet showing Python's generators, covering usage of 'yield', behaviour on raising Exceptions, and Generator Expressions.

FFmpeg via Docker

I have previously written about using FFmpeg to convert H264 into MP4, running in a Docker container.

Running desktop applications in Docker negates the need to install anything, and isolates processes more effectively than something like Brew would. I needed to use FFmpeg again this week, and so spent a little bit of time setting it up properly - using Docker. Jessie Frazelle wrote a post in 2015 named Containers on the Desktop that was the inspiration for doing this.